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We have a vision of letting our customers do their business, leaving the financial accounting and management to our Professionals. Enjoy doing your business and let us push the digits for you
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Who we are

Push Digits has at its core business the primary objective of providing industry leading audit, accounting, bookkeeping, tax consultancy and financial consultancy services throughout Australia and Unites Arab Emirates. We provide value to our clients with our innovative solutions and qualified professionals.

The way you do your business is changed by us when we rescue you from the stress of paperwork leaving you time to focus only on your business development.

What's in it for me?

The accounting practice of Push Digits is popular for a "competitive priced, top quality" services which are tailored to the requirements of each client.

Satisfaction is further guaranteed when quality work is provided to the clients at agreed timelines so that they can make timely financial and business decisions. You also have the choice of agreeing to the place of work whether at your office, our office or remotely, frequency of work and the accounting systems to be employed. In totality, we make sure that you make the most out of your every dollar spent for our services.

Services we offer

Push Digits a Leader in Accounting, Auditing and Tax Consultancy in Australia

Push Digits is equipped to provide professional services to a wide range of Companies in different industries ranging from trading, retailing, services and manufacturing. We have been able to develop a large and strong portfolio of clients through our expertise and experience in professional auditing, accounting, bookkeeping, tax and financial consultancy.

We pride ourselves on providing these professional services with the highest quality at the best competitive fee structure.


You will enjoy the below benefits when you get in touch with our professionals for "Top Quality / Competitive Priced" Services

Good bye to your stress

Our Accountants will handle all the paperwork that stack up. We give you real relief while we handle everything related to your numbers.

Stop struggling to work after a hectic day

What is really exhausting is to perform your own accounting and bookkeeping after a full working day. Do not worry anymore and outsource your accounting to us as we have the right expertise to do it.

Concentrate more on making money

To be in control of your business, you need sound financial management. Increase profitability of your business by attending to business challenges quickly. Be more competitive in your business.

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